How Real People Will Use Windows 8

Technies are abuzz about Microsoft's Windows 8, its newest operating system that features a completely new "tile" design. Mat Honan of Gizmodo called it a "radical departure from anything Microsoft has done before." He loved it. Michael Miller of PC Magazine's Forward Thinking blog, was less enamored, but thought that the new user interface looked quite good on a tablet. J. Peter Bruzzese of InfoWorld downright hated it, calling the software "Windows Frankenstein."

Millions of people have downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Microsoft's website.

But how would real people use Windows 8? Chris Pirillo of Locker Gnome put it to the test by asking his dad to figure it out without any help.

Priceless quote from the clip:

Dad: "Now who puts this out?"
Chris: "Microsoft."
Dad: "They're trying to drive me to Mac?

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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Windows 8 will be great....if you are on a tablet. I've used it for 2 weeks on my desktop on a 1900 x 1200 24" screen. Loosing a 300 x 500 area of the screen that was the Start menu and now needing to mouse over the entire screen is completely asinine. Metro apps on such a marge screen look like butt, there is no such thing as putting metro apps side by side on Windows 8, and frankly its forcing desktop users into a tablet UI which is stupid. Thank MS for saving me money. This will be the first Windows OS that I haven't touched in 17 years. All because they are force feeding metro down user's throats. Choice Microsoft, its why more people haven't flocked to Apple and OS X.
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Of course a minor flaw in that is that one does not have to use the metro interface you can just use the more classic desk top version if one so chooses.

And of course this is something new and like Win95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7 I am sure the final version will have a tour one can use.
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Microsoft's strategy to making computers easier to use has always seemed to involve hiding everything useful rather than making it easier to find.
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