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Well that and... there are cameras EVERYWHERE. A bear stopped singing on the Song of a the South ride and told me to stop splashing. Guests are then tracked via the surveillance system to ensure they don't reoffend. I don't know about Cali, but the FL park has fake trees that are loaded with cameras and you're tracked everywhere but the inside of the bathrooms.
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How else are you supposed to greet a Victorian woman properly, if not by skirt lifting and random touch?

The minute hipsters no longer praiser her she'll move on.
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Do they count the Hassidic butchers who kill animals from blunt trauma? Or the Hallel butchers who do the same? How about hunters, they kill too. Seriously, this is too much. The head of PETA takes medication that is known to be animal tested, yet that's justified, since it's her I guess. A registry like this will only serve to hurt the person who has a name on it, they'll always be guilty long after sentence is served.
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A book about how to be more like Steve Jobs... Shouldn't it just be titled the asshole book? Given the horror stories of how he treated people I am surprised as well that he didn't do the feces throwing moshpit thing Thaxted suggested.

For all his intelligence he waited a year after being diagnosed with one of the deadliest cancers to seek medical treatment. In that time he meditated, did yoga, acupuncture and a host of other holistic (voodoo science) things determined he knew better. I guess the worms have the last laugh on that one.
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It's easy to solve. They guy is smart enough to get on the net but too damn stupid to understand how a shadow is cast. There really need to be societal rules for this degree of dumb.

There also needs to be a sarcastic font so people don't take your posts literally.
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