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If there's an absolute zero then what is absolute hot? And would they not produce the same results? When you have absolute zero all motion slows to nothing. And if you had infinitely hot all bonds would be broken and the combined particles spread so far they could not interact, thus producing the same result.

I find this question and the possible answers far more perplexing.
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@ Melissa you can use directional antennas and range limiters. If you wanted to keep it confined to just your store redecorate and put in a faraday cage (behind wall dressing) the signal will easily end at your wall. Actually that'd kill the cells just naturally so there you go.

It's illegal because the FCC is in control of this and they have no motivation to update existing code. You need an FCC license to broadcast and that's technically what this does. A CB (citizen band) radio granted you the owner that license without all the testing in that limited range. So too are cells in a limited range. But their bandwidth is licensed by a commercial entity that WILL NOT want you interfering with their profits. That's why this is not going to change. FCC makes money off of it. Limiting it will cut into both FCC and carrier profits. Personal space and tech are not going to intelligently addressed by our gov. anytime soon since people are willing to take it as is and not question the ways of things.
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I do think this may be a bit extreme and certainly illegal. ButI think it should be legal for restaurants and theaters and many other private places to do this. The world won't end if someone cannot txt or surf for 2 hrs. And if the patron doesn't like it they don't have to go there.
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So now they'll have to remove all of their svelt characters since it makes fat people feel bad. Perhaps they should raze the exhibit and just put in a big kiva so everyone can hug and sing songs to each other. Hell they should tear down the Small World since it exploits robotic children.

PC has gone too damn far. Call a spade a spade and be done with it.
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I agree with Chimaira. However I don't think he's going to get any further doing this than he has in the past. She obviously feels like she's so privileged she can do as she pleases. And I have to wonder what got them (the ENTIRE family) to this point? Was it the daughter alone? No. It took 15 yrs to reach this point. Shoot the laptop and vent all you want. But y'all should be in family counseling trying to figure out how to communicate better before someone gets shot or runs away from home and gets raped and then shot. It's foolish to believe that more of the same behavior will yield a different result.
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I cannot agree more. I used to try really hard to only buy low impact to zero impact goods. I raised 95% of my own food and recycled everything. But one day I gave a good long amount of time to my sneakers and how many people they were affecting. I could not go without shoes. And I burned through 2 pair in a year. So what could I do. Then answer was NOTHING. My shoes were affecting literally hundreds of other people's lives directly with each purchase. And if I thought about the hypocrisy of that it was maddening. And then there are things like electricity. You know you're using it right now. And it's affecting millions of people. And water and all those basic things because there's a mountain of other little things that go into that power plant and the coal and the trains and cars and employees and global fall out from the carbon etc etc etc.


I looked around and realized no one gave a fuck. They were still voting by party lines or (75%) not voting at all. So really it was pointless. Because if there were not systemic changes to correct the inherent behavior built into the society et al NOTHING would change. Buy a local apple but it's driven to market with a diesel chugging truck and put on display with more lights than you'd eve need by a grocery company that really only wants to keep it's 5% margin intact. Until people at the top want a better world or the whole decides to take back their world it will not matter. I do my part where I can but seriously I don't care whether or not your grandkids choke or cannot drink clean water.
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Yeah Edwards got it. That's no lady. And it's probably a relatively short lens giving a more skewed perspective (IE large hands on the waxer). Unless she's just got manhands.
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I like the lack of creativity with the squared off edges. Well as squared as they can be on this guy. Seriously bad choice even if this was still a popular flick.
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