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I see we are farming out our animal experiments now. not only do we ship our jobs to china, but now also the inhumane practices. Yay! Globalization!
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did anyone actually read "earth abides"? It was a group of morons who didn't even know how to farm let alone garden. And this from and author who wrote the book back in the late 1940's where everyone had a victory garden during WWII.

these idiots in this book survived on canned good for decades and nothing else.

then on top of that, the parents in the book didn't teach their children "of the new generation" how to count!!!

This the very last book anyone should use as an example of how the world would be like after a major disaster.

Frankly, everyone in the book are high functioning morons.
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That is a heck of a pilot. Probably, ex-airforce.

I was at el toro once working on a commercial for the air force. Saw a fighter pilot to the same thing with and f-16. The radio'd,"I'm a dot". He hit the after burners and vanished straight up.

that is amazing ability.
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On the way home she stopped and saved nuns and orphans from a burning building but not before performing open heart surgery on one of the kids, before pulling them all out of the house.
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welcome to my life.

I used to be a hardcore punk rocker/professional clown/filmmaker for I water my plants at night and sit at a desk all day long for the past 13 years feeling my life drain away.
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He doesn't want an answer, otherwise he would have given some email address for submissions.

He knows perfectly well the ending sucked otherwise he wouldn't have made the snarky comment.
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So what was the artistic statement? that we are zombie consumers?

This isn't art, this is sad. But at the same time, the store owner made a killing.
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