Artists Buy Entire Contents of Convenience Store, Sell Items as Pieces of Art

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Five artists walked into the Fancy Grocery convenience store in New York City's West Village and bought each and every item. By the end, Hercules, the owner, was completely depleted of his inventory and had rung up each purchase on two rolls of receipt paper. Today, those artists are exhibiting their finds at 57 Stanton Street.

Among the items for sale: a Coke can for $150. Is that too much? Keep in mind that the artists cleverly inverted it, thus increasing its artistic value.

Link via Super Punch

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What the heck was kyle thinking when he first off charged the airline ticketsb for his friends to fly down to NYC AND EVEN WORST wrack up $10,000 in cash advances? Did your parents not teach you anything? This is what I would call bad debt. If you could not raise money with investors, don't you think maybe that was your sign that maybe you should rethink all of it? Store buy out okay idea, but poor vision and direction.
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Second dissapointment- It doesn't look like they bought the stuff behind the counter- the signs, the pictures... the stuff that made the place Hercules'. They might as well have gone to a Dollar General.
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Do you ever wonder what you will tell your children and grandchildren about how "weird" things were when you were young?
"Grandpa, Grandma says you grew up when Hipsters were popular. What was it like?"
"Well I remember this one time a bunch of Hipsters thought it would be "Ironic" to buy everything in a convienience store."
"What happened to them?"
"After they ran out of money most moved back in with their parents till they could find real jobs."
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This is the kind of idiotic thinking that is destroying "Art". There is no talent in this act, there is no integrity. There isn't even a valid statement.

This is despicable.
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