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What constitutes as "animal abuse" is absurd today. Somebody who can't afford 100$ "humane" shots and chooses to put their animal down with a firearm (instantly, equally humane, albeit messy) they are classified as an animal abuser.

Yet, big companies mistreat animals and keep them in absolutely reprehensible living conditions. Yet, when they are caught, they're fined a nominal fee, a true slap on the wrist.

Keep in mind, the guy shooting his poor dog with a rifle loved his dog for years, they were the best of friends, but he just doesn't agree with spending the money at the vet? The animal lovers have gone too far, can't wait for the pendulum to swing back. Hipsters.
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These people don't vote.

You know young people don't exactly have good turnouts to vote, and honestly, do you think an idiot who thought the Titanic was fiction is going to be interested or even AWARE that politics are happening?
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@Tom Wood

Um, no? There was no malware warning when I went there. Environmental graffiti is a legitimate, well-known website. Sounds like you have a virus and are falsely associating it with this site.
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