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Like a moustache on the mona lisa. That girl has a beautiful body, why scribble all over it like that? It's already art. Nothing will make it more attractive.
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Bullshit there are 0 awesome single girls out there. An awesome girl would actually want sex and ask for it on the internet. This never happens!

I'm going to make a proper robot gf one day because its the only way me and alot of other good guys are ever going to get laid. Then we dont have to put up with all this depressing misandrist commentary anymore.
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"the surplus is “invested” in T-bills, which is basically a government IOU"

those bonds are as real as the bonds owned by China and Japan and all the other countries of the world who have hundred of billions of dollars parked in T-bills. it doesn't matter who owns them, they are real, and they can (and will be) cashed-in. that certain administrations have found it convenient to spend, in advance, the money which backs those bonds is a different story.
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Though it's difficult to accurately predict, Social Security's own trustees expect the program to run out of money by 2040 unless big changes are mad

utterly untrue. the SS Trust Fund was established in the 80s to build up a cushion of cash in order to handle the retirement of the Boomers. the prediction is that the SS trust fund will be depleted in 2040-ish. after that happens, SS will need to be slightly tweaked (it could be done with a SS tax rate increase or a reduction in benefits paid, or it could be supplemented with general tax revenue). this is how SS worked before the 1980's.
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Mattie, Hillary and Barack’s politics are not identical (that was the media pitch), truth is they strongly differ. Hillary has practically endorsed the Bush doctrine, preemptive war, so on and so forth.
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It's STILL a very male lion. It has a freakin' MANE. I would be embarrassed by this, too - for the fact that they caved to a couple of petty, uppity whiners.
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I was awake for 53 hours once at a LAN-party, if you know what that is.. playing games, watching movies and stuff like that.. the last couple of hours i had no short term memory whatsoever, forgetting what I or my friends just said. I could'nt hear the music playing in the background. I spoke and i walked like i was drunk..

That was just 53 hours..

however.. I slept for 23 hours afterwards :)
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