Failed a Test? Here's Something to Motivate You: a McDonald's Application!

If this didn't motivate the student to study harder, I don't know what will! via Miss Cellania (today's links are all about teaching. Excellent as usual!)

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OMG to who ever said working at mc donalds is nothign to be ashamed of, when you're 30, and still working at mcdonalds, that is something to be ashamed of. at 30, if you havn't chosen a career, you never will...
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That is brilliant. If you're offended, scroll one up to The Simpsons article about how Washington State dropped Math & Science because low scores were bringing their average down. Kudos to the teacher for trying to make the kids realize what options they will have if they don't make an effort.
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Why should working at McDonalds be an embarrassment? Some people are just not going to do any better than that in life. For a math teacher to try and embarrass a student into doing better this way is just insulting and arrogant.
Maybe the kid failed because of his poor teaching methods. Maybe the kid already works at McDonalds and didn't have time to study a subject he's not gonna use.
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Most of the people here are complaining about the teacher doing this yet defending McDonald's as a workplace. If they don't see working there as a problem then why would they see an application to work there as offensive?
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