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The video appears to be the tail end of a play session. The cat is still a little hyper, judging by its movement at the beginning of the video, and the "panting" is the cat's way of cooling itself after overheating from exhaustive play.
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Smoking is not only annoying, but also unhealthy for everyone around. So how many of you who agree with this person in the article have grabbed someone's cigarette from their mouth and put it out?

Didn't think so.

Just like on a blog, it is easy to be an ass in real life if you can be anonymous. Whole horde of little dictators is what you all are.
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I am in the camp who finds people who talk continuously on cell phones in public annoying. More annoying (and dangerous) are the dictatorial personalities like the fellow in the article who feel compelled to force their will on others. That is nothing short of evil.
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Fallout has always been as much about the game play system as it is about the setting. It doesn't matter who is making it. You can't stop time in an MMO, and without VATS Fallout isn't Fallout, now is it?
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Ozo is correct. The cat may or may not have climbed out on the window ledge by itself, but some idiot is pushing the cat off the ledge onto the awning. Anyone who knows cats well can tell by the way its tail is moving that the cat is annoyed/upset. Even if this is something the animal does frequently on its own, you still do not push an animal out a window for the sake of a video.
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I am hoping no one in the "animal testing of any kind is disgusting" crowd never needs or has taken penicillin, insulin, chemotherapy or a heart bypass. Without animal testing, none of these would have come to be.

I believe that we should be good stewards of the world, including its wildlife. There is indeed no excuse for animal testing for cosmetics and other trivial things. I also understand that computer modeling and analysis can (and has) replace much of this testing. But in no way can I argue that a rat's life is equal to a human's, and if this kind of testing will one day allow an amputee to easily ambulate then I am not one to sit in judgement.

And hiding your head in the sand is no answer either. If you can't face the fact that your medicines and foods are the result of the sacrifices of animals, then you deserve neither.

Seeing this picture saddens me. I have had many pet rats. They are intelligent and affectionate, and I have grown very fond of them. But to not accept and fully face the truth of the necessity of some animal testing is just weak and cowardly.
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Snarlz is right. Even without humans, this can be a cruel and violent world, and a house cat's instincts have been dulled to the potential dangers that lay outside. I have made the mistake of letting my cats play outside unattended, and have lost two that way. My current cats still get to play outside in the back yard, but always attended. Domestic cats are just too trusting of not only people, but other potentially dangerous and deadly animals. If you love you pet, be it a cat, dog or other, invest the time to spend with it outside, or make it a strictly indoor pet.

There is no greater heartbreak than hindsight, realizing you could have prevented your own pet's death.

And while we're at it, why do I know lots of "dog people" who hate cats, but I've never met a "cat person" who hates dogs? (When I say hate, I don't mean dislike, I mean hate as in "think they are nothing but vermin"). I've never been able to figure that one out.
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