Cat on a Ledge

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The cat was walking around the second story ledge of an apartment building, apparently not wanting to jump down and unable to get inside. YouTube user MrsChantrea says,

Suddenly I saw this cat outside the window and decided to film it because it was cute, didn`t dream of it doing something like this!

-via Buzzfeed

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Ozo is correct. The cat may or may not have climbed out on the window ledge by itself, but some idiot is pushing the cat off the ledge onto the awning. Anyone who knows cats well can tell by the way its tail is moving that the cat is annoyed/upset. Even if this is something the animal does frequently on its own, you still do not push an animal out a window for the sake of a video.
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Unable to get inside? Was that your a*h* friend who pushed the cat out the window in the first few seconds? You two should be arrested.
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I lived in an apartment with a shared balcony separated by a plastic barrier. Our cat would constantly sneak under the barrier or around it by balancing on the rail and then over to the other side to pester my neighbour. It was easy enough to block the route under but the railing was tougher because the plastic didn't have any holes or any way to screw a board into it. I found this netting at the pet store that was supposed to deter cats. It seemed to work for a few days... and then while working in another room I looked out the window to see a group of people frantically waving and yelling at me from the parking lot across the alley. I looked out to where they were pointing and saw my cat tangled in the net, dangling precariously over the parkade. I ran over and grabbed him just in time. Silly cat was banned from balcony from then on.
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I had a cat do something like that once. Also a ginger cat too. We were on the balcony. I came inside for something, and when I came back out it was just in time to see her walking the ledge from our balcony to the next. She kept going all the way around the end of the building. I ended up running down the hall and knocking on the door of someone waaay at the other end of the building and saying "Hi, you don't know me, but my cat is going to be jumping on your balcony in a minute. Can I come in and get her?" She was fine. But I had to keep an eye on her outside.
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