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mark: you could be more efficiency minded. In theory you could do it with no more than 7 bulbs, that way you don't have to keep going back down to the first floor to get the bulbs.
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I think they failed to notice that the birds also behave differently with different materials. The blue one is really good at breaking through ice. The yellow one is really good at wood, but even in dive-bomb mode is stopped by stone. The red one is good at breaking through stone. Of course the bomb bird is still the best. :)
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You still have to expel the heat to get any usable power out of it. Induction needs a changing magnetic field to induce a current. So a device would need to be cyclically heated and then cooled down for its heat activated magnetic field to create current in a coil.
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This reminds me of my grandpa, he always has two breakfasts. One in the morning when he just wakes up is some coffee and cookies. The second breakfast is the real breakfast food meal around 8 or 9.
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