Police Start Giving Angry Drunk People Lollipops to Calm Them Down

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, is taking a new approach to handling drunken, out-of-control revelers causing trouble in public places. The police hand such people lollipops. Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe explained why it works:

Ms. Thornton-Joe said after the men popped a lolly in their mouths, their nasty energy all but dissolved. β€œThey got calmer after taking the lollipops,” she said. β€œIt had an immediate effect.” [...]

The sucker punch works for several reasons, she said. First, it's difficult to yell while sucking a lollipop.

Altercations happen due to verbal exchanges, but with a sucker in the mouth, there's less talk, which results in fewer fights.

The lollipop's sugar hit calms those who've drank too much, she said. And the lolly's pacifier effect can't be denied.

Link -via The Hairpin | Photo (unrelated) via Flickr user Cillian Storm used under Creative Commons license

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After having watched a documentary called "Dahrma Brothers" about a voluntary, grueling 12-day meditation program for death row prisoners, I am inclined to agree with you to a certain extent. "Compassion" and "coddling" are not necessarily the same thing.
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Breivik is indeed irredeemable, but will be freed again because Norway law has taken this goofy concept to heart. Insulting low-level criminals by giving them Lollies (or better, adult-sized pacifiers) may well work for them, but more as a matter of public shaming than turning criminals into non-criminals by loving them more (and their victims correspondingly less).
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