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The only interesting aspect of this - is how much attention this event is getting in the press, and on this site. This asteroid was discovered in 2002, the close approach was predicted for 18 years, it has long been understood that it will not hit Earth, and a dozen objects have come closer to the Earth in recent months. This story is like a toddler looking in the sky, seeing an airplane, and yelling to the room that the plane might 'hit us!'. Please please don't spread these bullshit stories.
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I was preparing to contest a ticket for speeding based on a laser range-finder measurement. The laser ranging uses the timing of pulses to measure speed - but the pulses returned by a slightly closer car in the next lane can make the device calculate a higher speed. Any nearby car can make the device register 10-15 mph too high.

But the officer did not show up for the court date, so the judge dismissed the case without me presenting my argument.
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An antimatter anti-gravity hoverboard would be cool..
except that it would probably need enough antimatter to balance the person's weight, and if you had 50 kg (for example) you have the easy potential to annihilate this mass into energy - resulting in a 2000 Mt explosion - and blowing the nearby atmosphere off into space.

On second thought, this would be *awesome*!
One missed hoverboard trick and everyone dies! I'll bet Red Bull would sponsor the competition! :-)
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A remarkable view into the mindset of the U.S Air Force at that time.

Interesting to see the attention given to missing planes and air crews, in contrast to the brief mention at the end of the '60 million casualties' in the U.S population. And the listing of U.S. cities nuked in this hypothetical 4-day war does not include Washington DC - I guess there was no need to alarm any officials with funding authority over the USAF..

The USAF perspective in this film adds another dimension to events of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis - with even shorter hair-triggers from advances in ballistic missiles. I recommend seeing the film "Thirteen Days" ( to see Gen. LeMay translate those tactical concerns into efforts to push the country into a nuclear war.
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This is on Hua Shan mountain in Shaanxi Province, not far from the city of Xi'an (with the Terra Cotta warriors). A fantastic set of 5 peaks, linked by paths and stone steps. My wife climbed partway along that wooden walkway (in the rain!) after we spent the night at the rough hotel at the top. You borrow a simple harness to clip in to the chains. The main peaks have thousands of visitors - many hiking in dress shoes and high heels! All supplies are carried up by workers straining to lift massive bags full of food, drinks, and souvenirs to the shops on the route.

Supposedly James Cameron visited and was inspired to model the floating mountains of Pandora after these peaks.
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