Antihydrogen Could lead to Anti-gravity

If Anti-atoms exhibit anti-gravity effects, does that mean that mean we finally get hover boards?
Scientist also want to find out if the anti-atoms exhibit anti-gravity effects. This would mean the atoms would fall up instead of down. Since this would be a violation of the law of conservation of energy it is unlikely, however many scientist still find the idea worth exploring.


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An antimatter anti-gravity hoverboard would be cool..
except that it would probably need enough antimatter to balance the person's weight, and if you had 50 kg (for example) you have the easy potential to annihilate this mass into energy - resulting in a 2000 Mt explosion - and blowing the nearby atmosphere off into space.

On second thought, this would be *awesome*!
One missed hoverboard trick and everyone dies! I'll bet Red Bull would sponsor the competition! :-)
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"Since this would be a violation of the law of conservation of energy it is unlikely"

Shouldn't that say: impossible?

Also according to the wiki article on <a href=""antihydrogen: with current technology "it would take 100 billion years to produce 1 gram or 1 mole of antihydrogen".
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