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Can't wait to go check these out. I live in Dallas and am only a few miles away from one.

Note: if You want to know where they are, go to:
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Cruel and pointless. Squirrels don't deserve being treated like that. After all, destroying there enviornment and running them down with cars is probably as mean as we should be to them.

And I have to agree with everyone else that this SH!T does not belong on Neatorama.
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HA HA. What would happen if you tried to lift 1000 pounds? It would probably fall forward since there is no counterweight. It would work for larger, lightweight items, but really this is just one big accident waiting to happen.
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I used to read Boing Boing, but the content started to slip so they got put on my RSS list. That way I only read the 1 in 10 posts that are good. Hopefully I will never have to RSS Neatorama because I find all there content interesting.

SIDE NOTE: I am a different Jason then 7
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