Witch caught on video terrorizing Mexican town!

What do you think the object is that appears in the video? Obviously it's not a witch - but it's something! Creepy! It actually reminds me of a phenomenon I observed during the Oakland firestorm in 1991. The updraft of the fire was so powerful that the intact ashes of some large objects - I would assume that they were big cardboard boxes, for example - were lifted high into the sky and transported across the bay. The object in the video appears to be moving in a similar fashion. Anyone? Link at LiveLeak.

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I enjoyed this "It’s definitely a flying old person - seeing as it’s going 5 MPH" But I have been with the paranormal for many years and this happened to me and most of the people are right on here.It's what people want to believe my friend of mine or nabor did this and it didn't take that much money or equipment to make it happen looked just like that and was just a few balloons tied to sticks and a black cloak the little kids where scared for like a month or 2 (funny)
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was there damage to the Policeman's car, any signs of claw marks.... if not then it's a hoax.

but why wud the policeman make it up? especially knowin he would b mocked! so cud dere b some truth of 'some1' attackin his car but not a witch, but some1 dat was clad in black with "claw-like" weapons?

any ideas? or is dere somethihn i dont know....
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"Witch caught on video terrorizing Mexican town!"

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