Witch caught on video terrorizing Mexican town!

What do you think the object is that appears in the video? Obviously it's not a witch - but it's something! Creepy! It actually reminds me of a phenomenon I observed during the Oakland firestorm in 1991. The updraft of the fire was so powerful that the intact ashes of some large objects - I would assume that they were big cardboard boxes, for example - were lifted high into the sky and transported across the bay. The object in the video appears to be moving in a similar fashion. Anyone? Link at LiveLeak.


This is the infamous video of the alleged flying witch over Monterrey, Mexico. These people censored the original audio everywhere because the audio reveals the alleged witch was just a balloon. Version uncensored. The witness using binoculars says in spanish: Hey, it's a balloon!"
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Viral marketing for the new Harry Potter film/book is my first bet. Looks a lot like young Mr. Potter flying to a quidditch match...gotta get the Spanish-speaking market!
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Oh, no esa mierda otra vez, Por dios !! Bien decian en la cancion del Grupo "Marrano" la Bruja que estas cosas suceden en Monterrey.
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It is more likely one of those home made hot air devises that people make with tiny candles and dry cleaning bags. When the bags are transparent they defuse the light and are called UFOs. When they are dark they are witches. Or someone might have filled up a garbage bag with balloons. The human mind is a poor video recorder and the actual video shows no pointy hats or face or claws.

Oh who am I kidding? It was a witch. I happen to know some Mexican witches and they confirmed that they have been buzzing that graveyard and turning people into chupacabras.
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Haha this is old news that happened in my hometown. I think it was later reported that both policemen in the video lost their jobs over this, and they were generally mocked by the whole city and the neighbor cities too.

(This is also mainly one of the news' tv show's fault. You see, we have this TV Channel that has it's own news show and they always pick something to talk about every week, I suppose they must have run out of "shocking!" stories and digged far too much into this silly video.)
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It's amazing that people see something like this and immediately say "it's a witch!" without looking for any other explanation. It was moving in a straight line, so I'd say it was on a wire, whatever it was. And the UFO club said it was humanoid? From that footage? How? It looks like a blob! Some people are so gullible and so desperate for evidence of the paranormal they will believe anything is true except that this is obviously a hoax.
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Mick Says:
"This is a new way for migrants to cross the border."

That's why the immigration bill nearly passed all the witches wanted amnesty. What else would get G. W. Bush and Ted Kennedy on the same side of an issue other than witchcraft? Or intoxicants.

Those witches are not going to be content with doing farm labor for a season to raise some cash. They are going to be here for years taking our truck driving jobs and doing high skilled home decor consultant work. And this will be a slap in the face to all the good witches who stand in line, do the proper paperwork, pay their taxes and obey all aviation laws.
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I'm not sure if it was a garbage bag filled with balloons, or a real witch. The only way to tell for sure is to round up all the mysterious old ladies living on the edge of town, put them to the rack, and see if they confess. If not, it maybe have been a garbage bag after all.
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actually i think it's someone with a little money having some fun at the expense of the locals, check out this link:

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there is a remote controlled flying witch you can buy.

Basically it's an RC plane that has the silhouette of a witch built in.

And surprisingly, it looks exactly like the video
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Vocês estão por fora. É uma bruxa de verdade, e o nome dela é Samantha Stevens. Mudou recentemente dos USA para o México.
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was there damage to the Policeman's car, any signs of claw marks.... if not then it's a hoax.

but why wud the policeman make it up? especially knowin he would b mocked! so cud dere b some truth of 'some1' attackin his car but not a witch, but some1 dat was clad in black with "claw-like" weapons?

any ideas? or is dere somethihn i dont know....
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I enjoyed this "It’s definitely a flying old person - seeing as it’s going 5 MPH" But I have been with the paranormal for many years and this happened to me and most of the people are right on here.It's what people want to believe my friend of mine or nabor did this and it didn't take that much money or equipment to make it happen looked just like that and was just a few balloons tied to sticks and a black cloak the little kids where scared for like a month or 2 (funny)
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