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It's interesting how much attention this story is getting but people seem to have no problem with parents that smoke cigarettes 7 days a week in the company of their children. Parents who smoke with their kids in the car don't get hauled into court (although I think they should) every time they light up. If you smoke in your childs presence, you are doing much more harm than this woman.
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I dont care whether the animal was killed specifically for this purpose. People die sometimes too but that does not mean we should stuff a piano inside them. It is disrespectful to the life of the animal. This is not creative and it is not art. It took almost no skill whatsoever to accomplish other than being handy with a knife or glue.
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What the hell is wrong with people. Im not a huge fan of badgers but this is just sick. What a pointless way to decorate an equally pointless instrument. Someone that would kill an animal just to stuff a musical instrument out of it is a truly deranged individual. Theres a special place in hell for you my friend.
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Yeah, that dog is def not "having a blast." If you really watch him, he is more concerned about getting the cowboy off than where he is going. I can totally see him cracking his head against something while he whips around. If they love this dog they will stop toying with him. I love my dog and would never treat him so disrespectfully. All the folks who say lighten up obviously do not have a deep connection with a dog. I have no human kids and my dog IS everything to me much like a parent and a child. I would hate to see my dog treated this way and I would in fact call it cruel (LisaL) because it has the potential of harming the dog seriously.
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I am also not a vegetarian, however I do care deeply about the manner in which my meat is raised and butchered.

-and it doesn't give a shit when it dies, because it's a pig for chrissakes.-

Of course it doesn't care WHEN it dies, but im sure it cares HOW it dies and if was abused and hurt in the process. Those who carelessly say, bacon is good! without fully understanding where that bacon comes from are fooling themselves. If any meat lover took the time to see the horrific way animals are treated in americas slaughterhouses, im sure you might change your tune. I eat meat, but I take the time to search out farms that are cruelty free and certified humane. Farms that allow their animals to live like they would in the wild, not crammed into pens with no room to move while they defecate all over each other. If they are good enough to consume, than they should be good enough to be treated with respect.
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I could not agree more with Rumson. This is not art at all. In fact, by not erecting a fence it seems like it is more of a trap to extort money from anyone unlucky enough to step in it. If this IS art, then the act of stepping in it is ALSO art in it's own way.
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