Man Walks Through Peanut Butter Art Exhibit

A museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands, has an art installation that consists of peanut butter covering 14 square meters of the floor. The smooth peanut butter "carpet" has no fence around it because museum directors believe it would detract from the art. You can guess it would be easy for a visitor to walk into it -and that's exactly what happened.
Bemused tourists watched as the man sank into the 1100 litres of peanut butter - enough to fill more than 2000 regular-sized jars. He has been asked to pay for the damage after leaving a trail of footprints.

"It is normal that people pay if they damage the art," spokeswoman Sharon Cohen told the Rotterdam-based newspaper.

The pricey installation - created by the artist Wim T. Schippers in 1962 and known as the Peanut Butter Platform - has suffered similar mishaps in the past.

He was the third person to step into the exhibit over the years. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Patrick Wenmakers)

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Duchamp proved what is attributed to Barnum - "There's a sucker born every minute" - and Mencken - "Nobody went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Duchamp and his fellow travelers wanted to destroy the idea of art by making "art" that was literally meaningless and nonsensical. He sawed off the branch he was standing on.

It's a nonsensical, self-defeating argument. And this "art" is just another iteration of the same pointless exercise in "artistic" narcissism.

And I'll bet you the artist expected to be paid in real money -- not in Monopoly money, or a check with "THIS IS NOT A CHECK" scrawled on it. And I'll further wager the museum isn't going to let the visitor argue that walking across the peanut butter was performance art.
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I don't get why so many people hate art that isn't a pretty picture. Simply asserting "It's art!" does make it so as Duchamp proved almost 100 years ago. If you care to comment as to the quality or message of the art, do so. Or you can just blindly hate what you don't immediately understand, as this is the internet.

That said, put a rope around it. I think that's far less detracting than having people walk through it.
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