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Is this guy trying to become the new Carl Sagan or something? Because lately his PR team seems to have been working overtime... I mean, if he is, good for him but still - it feels like he has been on a PR tour rather than actually doing science lately.
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Ummm... I get that we shouldn't make fun of people who are overweight. I'm on board with that. But at the same time, suggesting that maybe people would be better off if they weren't fat and that they can change that by changing their bad habits isn't exactly a horrible thing to do...
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Oh for gods sake - I get it, this is big news for Zoologists but I have now been informed of this today from no fewer that 5 different news sources. Pandas sometimes eat meat... Is it that slow of a news day?
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Let's see - a person was TATTOOING HER FACE and she "Fell Asleep"? Sorry - that doesn't make sense. She simply has a case of buyers remorse and wants someone else to pay for it.
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"Clues to the ring’s whereabouts will start being posted on social networking site Twitter (http:/twitter.com/donoogle_com) at 8 a.m. local time on Saturday (2000 GMT on Friday)."

Someone might want to point out - 2000 is not 8 am..... it's 10 pm.
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