Twitter Treasure Hunt

Anthony Gardiner of Wellington, New Zealand bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but she turned him down. He can't return the ring and doesn't want to keep it as he considers it bad luck, so he's staging a treasure hunt!
Anyone keen to pick up the ring, valued at NZ$5,000 ($3,268), will need to be in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, on Saturday to join the hunt, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.

Clues to the ring's whereabouts will start being posted on social networking site Twitter (http:/ at 8 a.m. local time on Saturday (2000 GMT on Friday).

Link to story. Link to Twitter feed.

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Don't be down on Vonskippy because he points out society's hypocrisies. We are in a material world, and we likes our shiny stuffs.
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Vonskippy, your argument has little to do with diamonds themselves and the diamond industry. Yes, some women get obsessed about the ring, or view marriage as a band-aid, but if you're going for the diamond alone you're either going for the $$ or for the status of being married, and that is a much, much bigger factor in divorces than the mere presence of a stone will ever be.
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Congrats OddNumber, your mush for brains has readily accepted one of the greatest marketing scam ever where greedy gem vendors pair up with greedy jewelers and convince you (and your significant other) that the only way you could TRULY be in love is if you piss away large chunks of your income on shiny items that have no intrinsic value. And people wonder why the current divorce rate is over 50% (but honey, you're wearing my shiny ring - how could you possible cheat on me? but dear - he offered me a bigger shiny ring! Oh!).
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All this talk of how diamonds aren't really worth anything is making my head spin given the ring I recently gave to my fiancé. Although I wouldn't mind getting that chunk of change back, I appreciate the fact that she'll be wearing that piece of jewelery for the rest of our lives.
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