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Is this still going on? My mom was asked to leave her job at the Pentagon in the late sixties because she was living in sin with my stepdad (they were waiting for biodad to grant a divorce; they got married a week after it came through). The thing that pissed both of them off is that SHE was asked to leave, but no one ever mentioned it to him (he worked at the Library of Congress). So apparently only females can live in sin; at least, in the sixties in Washington DC.
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I asked my 15 year old stepson about this; why he wears his pants low and his boxers showing. He said, "I know it looks stupid, but the girls like it."
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I'm not particularly into this piece, but I'm happy to see that all of you had awesome parents. Maybe this girl really does have some serious crap in her life beyond the usual kid/parent conflicts. If what you get from this is "whiny" and not "rage", count yourself lucky.
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I love TJ's. I used to pass one every day on my walk to work in Seattle, and I lost 10 pounds effortlessly by pretty much only eating TJ's delicious frozen meals. Also? No stupid 'membership' crap, which every other store in Seattle seems to have jumped on.

Unfortunately I moved to Calgary, AB, where there is tons of money and no taste. This place NEEDS a TJs. Serious. Please, please send TJs to Canada!
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That's the joke, Nora. This is an old, sexist cheesy plaque from the early/mid 60's...isn't it nice to see how far we've come?

These days the insults to both genders are more subtle, but maybe 40 years from now folks will be chortling over our current obsession with "baby bumps" and overpaid sports figures.
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I didn't say I invented the idea, although I was doing my drawings before I had heard of anyone else doing spam headers.
And I do have a link to Spamusement on the site; Spamusement rocks!
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This was awesome! I did it in about 15 minutes at the end of the day at work, of course drawing the little houses and having lines for nationality, drink, smoke and pet really helped figure it out. I brought it home to my 10 year old stepson and we had a good time doing it together; I thought it was a cool excercise in logical thinking. Thanks Neatorama!

Psst to Becki: the clues aren't in the order you need them. Start with number 10.
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