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Fake photos are easier and cheaper than spacecraft, and of equal value when the point is performance art.

This has been around for nearly 2 years but boingboing can make anything "new" again.
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Actually, my boss had (R.I.P.) a dog with a chronic lung condition, and the local vet school had an "oxygen kennel" they had to put it in periodically for assistance.
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Nope - it really doesn't have a graphic equalizer on it.

A spectrum display, maybe, but an EQ, no... unless all the knobs are on the inside and the shirt comes with gigantic noise-canceling-type headphones that cover the entire room so the shirt can boost some frequencies while suppressing others.

Neat, though. Sadly, around here you'd probably get arrested on some BS "glowsticks = teh drugs" anti-rave law if you wore it in public.
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This is really surprising - I've run into the "your envelope cannot be thicker than X or you will have to use a higher rate service" restriction several times doing eBay, so I'm not sure where the idea that this is a wholly new development came about. I do recall the cutoff being bigger than 1/4 inch though; maybe that changed? Or maybe it's new to "first-class" mail but already existed for padded mailers (which are bigger than 1/4" thick even empty)?
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While this is a sad case, the "family disagreement turned into a global name-and-shame" angle leaves a very bad taste. Attack headlines, posting pictures of the woman, etc? I may feel sorry for the guy, but I feel sorry for Neatorama (and a lot of other websites) having to stoop this low for content, too.
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