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im just amazed that people still get upset about comics. these are fictional beings here, key word being FICTIONAL. they are not real, they do not pretend to be real, they do not attempt to represent an "ideal" reality or any other balderdash. and i agree with bekkinson here, male and female forms are both portrayed with the same outlandish proportions in comics. why is this a problem? its a problem because someone somewhere is horribly offended by it and needs to relax their butt just a bit. so what if that position is not physically possible, is that really the one 'not-physically-possible' issue you are going to fight about regarding comics? what about superman? what about mutants? etc. etc. bottom line is relax folks. if you dont like it dont buy it. the end.
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WHO CARES. there is automatically a gender bias because we actually do have different genders. everyone needs to stop worrying about being "gender-neutral" and start worrying about being a human being.
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everyone needs to relax a bit. the show was never about solving mysteries, yes it was about the mystery itself. its ambiguity is its most powerful and endearing asset. its also not about the mystery its about the people and how they deal with themselves. the ending was perfect for what the show was, i for one am completely satisfied. everyone needs to stop whining about it already, if you didnt like it you didnt like it and theres nothing anyone can do for you so SHUT UP. i dont know why everyone was expecting a bullet point presentation explaining every little detail, the show itself never hinted at that and it would have been entirely out of line to do so.
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actually its not dead. its still being optioned. paramount (or universal, i cant remember which exactly) has dropped the project but there are still actors and producers attached, and another major studio is looking into financing it. it most certainly is not dead, and i for one would be excited to see it come to fruition.
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is it just me or was the music for that video wildly inappropriate? why was it so serious? i thought we were having fun and being creative here. laaaaaaame.
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why does everyone constantly rip on the ending of lost? it ended the only way it could and i thought it was fantastic. all the answers are there, you just need to pay attention.
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didnt understand it? i understood it too well. and i was bored. SO BORED. inception was a well put together movie
but was certainly not a mind-f**k. very VERY straightforward heist movie.
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why are new technologies and medicine always for "soldiers in the battlefield" ??? why cant we be developing these things for hospitals or any of the billions of non-military people across the world? ARG!
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