Catwoman Zero Cover Modified

We've had some discussions on the way comic books and pop culture in general portrays female superheroes. A particularly egregious drawing by Guillem March appeared on the cover of DC Comic's Catwoman Zero. The cover (on the left) was so blatantly focused on boobs-and-butt that the rest of Catwoman just disappeared. Internet users wasted no time ridiculing it.

Anatomically-challenged drawings of female characters with broken spines to show T&A simultaneously isn't a new thing in comics -- see this gallery, Kate Beaton's Strong Female Characters, and the alternate Avengers posterfor more examples -- but it's particularly sad when it's done to a major character on the cover of a zero issue. Really, DC? That's the cover you're going with? Human women don't bend that way. Not even cat women. My cat doesn't even bend that way, and Lord knows she tries, the little hussy.

And DC noticed. The new replacement cover still brings out her exaggerated womanly features, but does appear to have at least one foot in reality. Link

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But male and female forms aren't portrayed with the same outlandish proportions - male super heroes are drawn as a male power fantasy, whereas female ones are as a male sexual fantasy.

As for the fictional argument, it doesn't really hold up. Fiction means the story isn't true - not that the people in it aren't. At the root of super hero comics is the question "what would people do if they had super powers". But they're still supposed to be realistic people who's actions and motives we can understand. If you apply your "anything goes" policy to non-sexual things, would you not expect to be confused if a character sometimes talked in gibberish or their limbs came detached - but no one else reacted to it or it wasn't explained within the fiction?

And then there's the prevalence of it... bottom line is, if you don't like it, and don't buy, there's very little else to buy.
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im just amazed that people still get upset about comics. these are fictional beings here, key word being FICTIONAL. they are not real, they do not pretend to be real, they do not attempt to represent an "ideal" reality or any other balderdash. and i agree with bekkinson here, male and female forms are both portrayed with the same outlandish proportions in comics. why is this a problem? its a problem because someone somewhere is horribly offended by it and needs to relax their butt just a bit. so what if that position is not physically possible, is that really the one 'not-physically-possible' issue you are going to fight about regarding comics? what about superman? what about mutants? etc. etc. bottom line is relax folks. if you dont like it dont buy it. the end.
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Nope. Nothing wrong with the original cover. As if male bodies in comics are not too perfect. Hey puritans, they are comic book super heroes. They are an ideal. Not the norm.
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Comics are an equal opportunity forum for the over-idealization of both the male and female forms. In male dominated sports, woman are portrayed as cheerleaders or objects to be had if you wear the right clothes or drink the right beer. In comics, female heroes are independent, strong, and usually have high grade careers when they aren't saving the world. Which scenario is more offensive?
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