Live Action Version Of Catwoman Kicking Some Tail

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It was a great idea to make a stunt video that shows what video game combat would look like in real life, and it makes for an action packed minute-and-a-half. But why do the bad guys always stand around, waiting for their turn to face the character instead of just mobbing them en masse?

And why does kicking ass mean characters fly through the air, throwing flying punches and other equally ineffective moves? Oh well, please excuse my criticisms and enjoy this video showing what Catwoman would look like kicking some street thug tail.

--via ComicsAlliance

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Yeah, a chick that threw a short elbow like that? hmm if force equal mass times acceleration, she better be moving a lot faster. Because quite frankly almost none of these moves would have taken any average size male off of his balance, much less floored him.
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I think I heard this in some documentary about either Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee, but after minutes of exhaustive research I can't find the reference. But here's what I remember, the bad guys have to wait their turn because if they attacked all at once, you wouldn't be able to see the hero's cool moves. So they go in two or three at a time,so the director can frame the shot and keep the hero visible, and the joke was that the guys out of the frame are enjoying "noodle time", think "coffee break", until it's their turn to go. :)
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@Zeon Santos: Yeah, they always take a lot of license, but there are some arts that Do teach you to fight more than 1 person.

There's always too much classroom "cooperation" with the teacher/sparring partner, but I've seen it done against 2-3 people in Aikido class.

Part of the idea is to get out of the circle and use the badguys to block each other.

I would imagine if this were done seriously, the silly Jackie Chan a**-clownery would be out & one of the first things you'd do is to hit each person you encounter with something designed to maim & disable, not 8 punches to the chest or attempt a 1-punch knockout.

But ever since "Alias", I guess, since when has "Chick-Fu" ever been realistic?
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