The Cube

Today, Neatorama's literature blog Bitlit is proud to introduce a new book: The Cube by Nat Karody.
Were you disappointed by the ending to the series Lost? What follows is a story with as intricate a mythology as Lost’s but with an important difference: in the end it is all explained mechanistically, without resort to mysticism or religion. In the end the following summary of the core mystery, taken from the opening chapter, will be perfectly sensible:

The Oopsah told a story, a majestic, exalted, beatific story of the coming of the end times and the rise of the Controller. He learned how the world would end, who would destroy it, and how he, Zranga, could prevent it. He learned that he had been appointed by destiny – by the Controller himself – to carry out this mission. But above all he learned of the existence of a perfect being, the demigod Celeste, trapped beyond time in a cycle of eternal death. Only Zranga could rescue her, and to do this he had to place a giant door on the bottom of the Silent Sea, and kill the Great Man.

Read on to found out how far Ivy Morven will go to stop Tobor Zranga from realizing his destiny, and how this alternative universe is bizarrely structured so that the most rational acts are the most extreme.

Start now with chapter one, and keep up with all the chapter of The Cube as they are posted with this

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why does everyone constantly rip on the ending of lost? it ended the only way it could and i thought it was fantastic. all the answers are there, you just need to pay attention.
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Also, I think our society is bizarrely structured so that the most rational acts appear to be the most extreme, and the most irrational acts; like drinking, are the norm.
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I liked the Canadian horror film series Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube Zero. But being taht they were Canadian films, I guess they aren't very well known. Great films about people being held captive inside enigmatic puzzle cubes, as some kind of sick experiment or something.
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