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After reading all the raves about the original series, I tried watching them online. I could only get through about twenty episodes. It wasn't slow; it was glacial. I think the movie will be more to my taste.
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I guess it depends on how often you run your dishwasher. A big household may need to run it every day, but I'm lucky if I run mine twice a month. I pre-rinse so I don't have to hand wash later.
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One of the warehouse stores used to stock a maple sprinkle in the restaurant supply section. I'd put it on buttered toast (like cinnamon sugar). Sooo good. I think that would be a little neater than syrup.
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If someone asked me to meet them at any of those, I'd be out the door in a New York minute. Most look disgustingly unhygienic. A tablecloth made of dough? Really? And where are the restrooms for the table in the sky, warehouse, etc?
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