Wacky Wild Restaurant Designs From Around The World

If you're looking for a restaurant that will knock your socks off with an innovative interior design, then this list of far out restaurants on Flavorwire will come in handy.

From the dangerous looking Labassin Waterfall restaurant in the Philippines that John Farrier posted last month (link),  to the tripped out psychedelic striped interior of Cafe Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden Germany (above), these interesting interiors are sure to delight the senses as you chow down.

No word on whether the food is any good in these themed restaurants, but with such interesting interiors it's a sure bet you're not going to visit them just because the food's good. Check out the rest at the link below, they're well worth the price of admission.

Link  --image credit: SKBB

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Café Kunsthalle , the one you pictured, would give me a massive headache.

Sharing , in Tokyo, makes no sense. Just silly.

Dinner in the Sky, now this one could be fun, unless you are afraid of heights of course.

Rest, so you have to walk on other people's table to get to your own?

Connection, dumb.
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If someone asked me to meet them at any of those, I'd be out the door in a New York minute. Most look disgustingly unhygienic. A tablecloth made of dough? Really? And where are the restrooms for the table in the sky, warehouse, etc?
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"Wacky Wild Restaurant Designs From Around The World"

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