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Great book. Loved it in HS. Wanted to re-read it the other day. Found out that Amazon's Kindle version is $13.99!

Really! After all of this time?

I'm going to the local used paperback store and find a copy for $3. Stick it you greedy publishers.
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As a former climber -- granted, not a paraglider, but I have used a lot of 'biners in my day -- I'd say this particular one is a cheap-o!

Considering,m that it has a locking gate, I'm surprised that it does not have a notch in the gate that under load (like this) would prevent the gate from opening even if the gate lock had come unscrewed.

Given how important this is I would have either replaced the 'binder, or taped the gate.
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Perfect for my Zombie-Apocalypse mobile command center.

Will have to add a .50-cal to the roof and MacGyver something up to make those stairs retractable!
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Very cool stuff... but what, no love for the X-15? Where is the Space Shuttle?

What happened to the Rutan Voyeger, Steve Fossett and the Gossamer Albatross?
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That's cool that the Orca can do that, yet it's so sad if you think about it for very long... Calling, calling, calling..... and no answers.
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I lived in Estes Park in the mid-80s and when people asked me where to go to see elk, I'd tell them go to the golf course.
A cow ran into my car at a downtown intersection and did about $2,500 in damages. The elk jumped up and ran off.

Follow this link to read about Sampson -- a mighty bull that was killed by a (*^%*& poacher back in the '90s.
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TR is #1 in my book just for establishing the National Park system -- kicking it off with Yellowstone! All the other stuff is just gravy.

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