Downtown Elk

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Elk cows like to graze on the lawns of Estes Park, Colorado. Bulls follow them into town for some lovin'. The scenes in this video from Human Planet are surreal, particularly the golf courses crowded with both humans and elk. Also, very stupid tourists.

via Weer'd World

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Estes is beautiful. I especially like the Overlook Hotel, the inspiration for the book "The Shining".

I live in Alberta too, and like Agricola says this happens often.

I have a photo of a line of tourists hiding behind a lamp-post from a gigantic Bull. The Bull moves and they move all in a line, just like a windsock or something.
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The tourists in Yellowstone are just as stone stupid as it seems they are in Estes Park. Yeah, that bull elk is just sitting there on the ground all peaceful-like, but I'm sure the speed in which it will get up and gore you would shock you; don't be stupid and stand next to it for a souvenier photo.
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I lived in Estes Park in the mid-80s and when people asked me where to go to see elk, I'd tell them go to the golf course.
A cow ran into my car at a downtown intersection and did about $2,500 in damages. The elk jumped up and ran off.

Follow this link to read about Sampson -- a mighty bull that was killed by a (*^%*& poacher back in the '90s.
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I accidentally walked into a group of elk (caribou?) in Jasper, AB in the middle of the night. I had my head down, and when I looked up, I was surrounded by them. I just kept on walking until I was out of the herd.
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