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To Jeff:

I go shopping in an Asian grocery regularly because I'm a member of a mixed race relationship. No, I can't identify everything in the store but I also don't photograph the store and post it on the web with the attitude of "look, they have stuff we'd never touch in our stores." I don't think your intention was bad but I don't think you put any thought into this post in the first place. Sorry that other people hurt your feelings and you feel the need act petulant but you're wrong and your critics aren't. Need to swear some more?
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This myspace user is zero to 19 years of age and this predator issuing a friend request is 58 to 77 years of age. This should get fun, especially if it's as accurate as the voice recognition software.
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@ sparge: "What else do you expect when police forces have nothing better to do than use mature-looking yet underage bait as a sting to bust businesses for selling alcohol or tobacco to minors?"

Someone got busted, didn't he?

Definitely carding this 76-year-old was overboard. The clerk should have made it like a joke (just like the he said) but he also could have just left the store and not turned this into an Internet sensation. Even the registers that require the ID to be swiped must have an override that the manager could have used.
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I wish we could rate the posts. For one thing, I try to follow several blogs and don't need to spend my day sorting through schlock. For another thing, I'd rate this post zero out of five. Thanks, Alex.
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These days call for skepticism. These cats are perfectly groomed, there is not one single cat hair around, and I've never seen cats leap like that. This video is so totally staged. It's fine to present it as something of interest but let's not pretend that woman actually lives with 130 cats.
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Secretariat and Barbaro comparisons do not hold up. Secretariat, unlike Barbaro won the Triple Crown and set new track and world records. In 1973, he set new speed records for each race in the Crown, something no other horse has done. One reason why the triple crown is so difficult to achieve is b/c the Belmont Stakes course is a longer race than all others, nevertheless Secretariat won by 31 lengths, far more than any horse ever. Secretariat's records for the Derby and Belmont Stakes remain unbroken. Secretariat also could run on both dirt and grass tracks.

So far there's no horse in Secretariat's company, not even his offspring. Like Barbaro, laminitis was the end of Secretariat in 1989 when he was 19 years old. Please stop comparing Barbaro to Secretariat.
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Eh, after 6 months in medical publishing, these stories became blase. Gerbils are not urban legends (although whether Jerry Penacola or Richard Gere gerbiled might be), guns are nothing new, and yes, you really might swallow a safety pin or tack or other small item that you hold in your mouth. If you need evidence, crack open a copy of the Emergency Medicine Clinic and look for an issue that deals with foreign bodies.
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This chart belongs on thisisbroken.com. It doesn't help. Blind acceptance and rote memorization is about the only way to make sense of how people are related.
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