Let's Go Shopping in an Asian Supermarket!

Jeff Houck of Side Salad blog and Jaden Hair of Jaden's Steamy Kitchen blog went shopping in an Asian supermarket, and documented the wide variety of weird stuff for sale there.

You know, things like sliced pork uterus, beef aorta, pork tongue .. the list goes on!

Link (with photographic proof!) - via Miss Cellania

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Geez, everybody is so sensitive! My wife and I sometimes buy stuff from an Oriental Market (and that's what they call themselves, so don't blow me crap for using the word "oriental") and they've got some good stuff. I enjoy the lychee nuts and edamame. But they've also got some stuff that is not appealing to my Western palate. Showing pics of the stuff isn't mocking them -- it just points out differences between our cultures. And THAT is both interesting and NEAT. Loosen the bone, folks.
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Why does the "Potent Man Tea" have a white guy on the box? Are white guys considered more potent? Or do they have more need of the stuff?

As for "meat"... that's priceless. And a little scary.
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To Jeff:

I go shopping in an Asian grocery regularly because I'm a member of a mixed race relationship. No, I can't identify everything in the store but I also don't photograph the store and post it on the web with the attitude of "look, they have stuff we'd never touch in our stores." I don't think your intention was bad but I don't think you put any thought into this post in the first place. Sorry that other people hurt your feelings and you feel the need act petulant but you're wrong and your critics aren't. Need to swear some more?
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And to think I shot the photos because I thought it was cool to see something other than the bland shit in my grocery store. Apparently, I was being culturally superior.

Silly me.

Thanks for the linkage, Alex.
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