Redheads Face Extinction

Word from the scientists is that redheads may become extinct as early as 2060!

The current National Geographic magazine reports that less than two per cent of the world's population has natural red hair, created by a mutation in northern Europe thousands of years ago.

Global intermingling, which broadens the availability of possible partners, has reduced the chances of redheads meeting and producing little redheads of their own.

If the gingers really want to save themselves they should move to Scotland. An estimated 40 per cent of Scots carry the red gene and 13 per cent actually have red hair.,23599,22289183-2,00.html - via Spluch

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I AGREE WITH JONAS! I'm a red head and just about daily I get compliments on my hair color, and that I should be a model. True, some of us have REALLY ugly faces but some are RED HOT!!! Without gingers everyone will just have blah hair. :P EWWW!
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Death threats against redheads? O.O

Well, my hair gets moody. One day it will be an intense shade of red, and the next it will look almost brown.

...Yeah. Weird. Maybe it's the shampoo I use.
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I'm a natural medium blonde and would love to have a ginger or red haired baby. I wonder if my chances are improved because of my great grandmother who was a Scottish redhead?
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haha, well i think redhair is the most beautiful thing on earth , people with red hair are so amazing because there are so few in the world. brunettes, blondes and black hair is so blah,boring and normal. but when you see a red head they stand out. most models are red head too. So i hope they stay in this world till the end of time,and people stop makeing fun of them!
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