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Scientific Fact: People who are adamantly against smoking usually die due to physical problems or diseases that may or may not be linked to their avid complaining about cigarettes and the fact that no matter what they do or eat or breath, they still have to die someday.
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What a shame someone who was having a bad day had to take it out on the poster. It's funny.

This reminds of a hilarious billboard just outside of Chattanooga, TN for a company called 'Beaver Carpets'. I think it has been taken down (for obvious reasons) but every time I drove by it, the day would get a little nicer.
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Wasn't this the bed in 'The Odyssey'? Odysseus planted a tree in his bedroom and warped into a bed shape. It's the question Penelope asks him when he's in disguise to see if it's really him. It's also the most pimp thing since sliced bread.
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The joke just goes to show why Kerry wasn't able to beat Bush in 2004: he's exactly the kind of Democrat that people were so fed up with when they made the insane decision to pick Bush the first time. Which candidate is more annoying? A person whose dumber than you are or a person who thinks you're dumber than they are?
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