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I'm with is a physical impossibility to shot a prolonged stream of water 1000 feet straight up into the air, as a coherent column at sufficient velocity and pressure would succumb to drag and dissolve into mist fairly quickly. I bet you could shoot an ice cube that far, though.
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Total bullshit. "Since the Apostles were grouped in threes, I consulted the periodic table and discovered that the painting held the secrets to molecular immortality." WTF ever. Total bullshit.
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If circumstances permit, everyone should grow some of their own produce, but I don't pine for the days when we had vegetable cellars and had to preserve all of our own foods. "Locavores" is a euphemistic word for "Luddites."

The US has the best food distribution system in the world, incorporating intermodal, trucking, rail, and water transportation. We also have some of the lowest-cost food, courtesy of the aforementioned distribution system, and the productivity of our agriculture sector.

"Buying local" is a fine sentiment, but it is illogical. Different regions of this country produce different crops. It might be different in other countries, but this post, and this group, is nothing more than leftard mental masturabtion.
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Jim has a compelling argument, but he didn't quite make the connection to Zimbabwe's problems being the fault of the United States, or more specifically, GWBush. He is showing his leftard tendency, though.
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Donna said:
"Perhaps these asshats ought to consider generosity over their ridiculous selfishness."

And maybe someday, socialistic asshats will recognize that a voluntary transaction involves unselfishly giving their own money for something that they value more than the said cash. You commie pukes are laughable.
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Austin is full of freaks, leftards, and racists who think all other Texans are bigots. Ten body piercings and 15 tatoos doesn't confer any remarkable insight to an individual, but they are indicative of a damaged psyche.

Lubbock, on the other hand, is chock full of people who know how to function in the real world. They are largely self-sufficient, and don't suffer foolish jackasses who think Austinites are the cat's meow. Just sayin'...
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Don Surber's blog is very good, but I quit visiting when he switched to using one or two sentences on the front page, with a "Click here to read more" button. That shit is highly annoying. But he gets linked to from lots of blogs that I do read every day.
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It's all George Bush's fault, or Glowball Worming's fault...just ask an execrable liberal. The US is responsible for every bad thing that happens in the world. I'm surprised one of the leftard commenters haven't pointed this out yet.
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The ol' "Cuba is a health care paradise" myth springs its ugly head yet again. It really deosn't take much effort to learn the truth of the segregated condition of Cuban society. There are several castes of people, the lowest of which has no access to surgery, cancer treatment, or any other expensive course of action. Fidel, his cronies, and the rest of the plebescite have different hospitals that are denied to the common folk.

Michael Moore is a filthy, lying propagandist. It is pitiful that some faux-intellectuals buy into his crap.
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It's a shame that more folks don't use Opera. It's quicker and has less "bloat" than Firefox. I use FF on my school's website, but Opera otherwise.

That's a VERY large % of "Unknown." Any idea why?
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