Robert Bruno's Steel House

That's architect and sculptor Robert Bruno's steel house/sculpture in Lubbock, Texas. Bruno spent 23 years building this strange home that looks like a giant pig out of 110 tons of steel!

Links (lots of pics): Robert's official website [Flash] | Article at Dallas Art Revue, Sociothought, video at Ursi's Blog

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to everyone who has been doubting the interior finishes, acoustics, and whatever else: this guy has been building this house for 30 years, and he's not finished yet. he has a design for all of the interior finishes, and also has insulation taken care of, which covers acoustical issues. i mean, did you know that steel is used in most large-scale construction today, but for some reason you don't hear *krang* every time somebody knocks on it.

yeah, and architects and artists know the material properties of what they are working with far better than any of you, so you could worry a bit less for them and worry more about how much time you waste bitching about other people's productive lives
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I had the chance to go into this house in 1995, before the windows were put in. This house is phenomenal and beautiful. I have since moved from Texas and have been anxious to see how the progress has gone. I am awe-struck by this house! Interesting note - he designed a house across the street that looks like a huge cool whip mosiac - also beautiful.
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First, for Vonskippy's comment, "Architect - Latin for “I wish I had real art skills”."...

Artist - German for "I wish I could find a way to use my talent to make as much money as an architect."

Architecture takes more than just "fake" art skills, as there is a lot of physics, math and engineering involved.

Erto, yes, Lubbock is conservative, but I've run into very few bigots, and my wife is from China. People are real here.

As for the house, I've always been facinated with it, ever since I saw it about 15 years ago. It isn't a place I'd call home, but it is definitely an interesting combination of architecture and art.
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I'm sure if you ever did knock on the door the vibrations and the echoing sound would probably make anyone inside go momentarily deaf. *KRANG!!!*
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I imagine there are sealants that can keep the air off the steel and stop the rusting process. But he'd still have considerable noise problems in the house - if he actually wanted to live there.
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