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I totally agree with Persephone about the kid starvation thing.
And I also agree with this woman's choice, except that i think it's to late : why should we care about a planet we already fucked up ? So I act like a good christian and act as God asked to me, and i'm taking the life out of this damn earth because I am human, and only me and my siblings deserve to suck it dry. So, my new opinion is : why not doing as much as kids as possible then ?

The first comment was right : "Only stupid people are breeding."
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ok, i have to clear a thing or two about this french bashing for i work on the same channel of the millionaire, writing questions and trivias for another quizz show that is even more popular around here...

it is a little bit embarrassing to explain and i'm not even sure i'm allowed to do so, i don't know if there's any kind of clearance on this type of info...
the candidates are casted : if you're a ph.d. and you show up to earn some easy bucks they'll give you a polite "ok, but go fuck yourself please"... the smarter and educated you are, the more chance you have to make big money and it's certainly not an option for a tv producer... moreover dumb people are good for audience... so the contestants are casted to ressemble to their target : very popular, not educated, tv-smarts not booksmarts... still, if they are more stupid than your audience, it's better because cruelty works...

the french people who wants something more hardcore will look at "questions pour un champion" (question for a champion) which exists since the 80's... there you will see brutal smartasses capable of telling in which year heiddegger theorized the dasein, who are specialists of cucurbitaceae, the elizabethan era, or whatever... but what you will win is a bunch of encyclopedias, not a million euro...

this may sound pretty much cynical but, hey, it's TV show designed to sell mass-advertisement, not a GNO =)
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according to my edition of "les paradis artificiels", baudelaire was not addicted to opium, he only took laudanum a couple of times as a cure... besides, he was very conservative about drugs as an entertainment or an 'enlightenment' (and this what the "artificial paradises" essay is about...)
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anyway, fake or not, french medias did more funny : a xbox fansite wrote a prank news about 100 japanese kids suicides by swallowing silicon bags... a serious newspaper ('libération' i think but i'm not sure) backed up and they were followed by major tv-news who talked about that on their night editions :)
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