Galileo's theory tested.

Galileo said that objects will drop to the ground at the same speed, no matter their weight. A hammer and a feather should land at the same time. However, objects on earth are affected by air resistance, causing the feather to float around. In July 1971, Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott put Galileo’s theory of gravitational pull to the test on the moon. Push play or go to YouTube. Link to NASA page. -via Grow-A-Brain

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Physics is fake too! The CIA just wants you to believe in gravity so we won't fly like the Goddess intended for us all!!!!

I would like to kick every man who's walked on the moon (I think 11 of the 12 are alive) in the shins for getting to do it when I never will. Except Buzz Aldrin. He's got a wicked fast left.
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"Galileo's theory tested."

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