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Yes there can be more than two options, but why is even the mention that one is a Christian relevant?
You often hear of people dying or being kidnapped on the news and they will mention "she/he was a good Christian... attended church every week", as though that makes them better people.
What options involving a “higher power” do you want?:
“The hand of God comes down and derails the car before it can kill anyone” or “God intervenes and the soldiers go away before they can hear the baby cry.”
Well I can tell you right now that at least the “smothering baby” scenario has happened in real life, and mothers have smothered their own babies, and no “higher power” has intervened.
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The survey wouldn't be particularly accurate at determining a person's moral standing anyway as humans are notoriously bad at predicting their own future behaviours. One study shows that we are correct only approx. 7% of the time (obviously if there were more than 2 options).
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Warning: I'm going to read into this a little too much:

It's not really a controlled experiment because there there was no control group.
Experiments like this one (two group pre-test/post/test designs) are occasionally performed today, but are minimally valid because of their lack of a control group.
It appears as though there was no random allocation too. So any outcomes could easily be due to other variables.
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Willo, that's the whole point. Over time, we become so familiar with words that we no longer need to read every letter.
The stroop test (say the word "green" when it iw written in red...) is not an optical illusion, rather a cognitive rivalry between the visual and language areas of our brain, the language areas being more automatic - leading us to be more likely to say the name of the word than the colour it is written in.
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Obsessive hoarding is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, which is a form of anxiety disorder.
One of my inlaws and his wife have it. It is unbelievable the amount of crap they have. And every weekend they go garage saleing for more!
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These days, due to error in the measurement, it is more accurate for the psychologist or psychiatrist(the only people qualified to administer true IQ tests, which go for about 3 hours +) to give the client a range rather than an actual score. E.g. "Your IQ lies between the superior and very superior range", rather than "Your IQ score is 128" - when it may actually be 111. The calculations involved in interpreting IQ raw scores are verrryy complicated.
Also, as Syd mentioned, it is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate a post mortem IQ. Besides, the population is constantly getting smarter and increasing in IQ, SO every 14-15 years or so, psychologists adjust for this be raising the bell curve, so that the average will still be 100. Are they taking this into account in post-mortem estimates?
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