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We just went over Art Speigelman and the underground comic movement in my Survey of Illustration class. This is very relevant to my studies... thank you for this!
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I really don't watch or like football in general and probably wouldn't be personally effected by a ban. BUT! That's the stupidest thing I can think of. I'd be very angry if they banned college basketball (I also think the state of Kentucky would turn into a gaping abyss) so I can only imagine how mad people would be about football programs getting sacked across the country. Not to mention the money athletics often brings into a university.
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As an art student I have to say that I have consumed all sorts of nasty chemicals over the years. Although, he really should have done this with acrylics...
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Braid is dead on, that's my favorite game of all listed and I have several moleskines full of sketches. Although, I must say Tetris is a close second.
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Will, if you've got problems drinking hot chocolate you'll have problems drinking butterbeer. They're equally as sweet, but if you want to try and make it healthier: try and find a cream soda made with real sugar instead of HFCS. (I would suggest diet soda but I find diet sodas to be sweeter tasting than the non diet counterparts.) Also, you could get a butterscotch flavoring and add it to light whipped cream. You'd have to find a good flavoring that doesn't taste weird though.
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I think the way he's going about this is right, it's allowing people to have a chance at a new life while not just saying "you can't look at their criminal record at all." Now if they're applying for a job as an accountant with an armed robbery charge, not hiring them based on that fact makes perfect sense. If a drug charge from when someone was 19 is keeping that person from leading a reasonable life, honest life that's not fair to the individual. They've done their time and as long as they comply with the drug policies of their employers there's no reason to turn them away based on the mere presence of a criminal record. Poverty is a cycle, allowing more ex-prisoners into the workforce may help alleviate that just a bit.
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