How To Make Your Own Butterbeer

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Recently we brought you the first edition of the Feast of Fiction recipe series-a recipe for Sunshine Souffle from the video game Skyrim. That recipe looks delicious, and easy to make, but their newest recipe for Butterbeer looks utterly repulsive.

That's right, I said Butterbeer, but before all you Harry Potter fans get too excited, you need to know: this recipe contains neither beer nor butter, and it contains artificial butter flavoring, which makes any food (except movie theater popcorn, for some reason) gross and way too buttery.

Maybe this recipe is a dream come true for HP fanatics, but to me it sounds like a good idea gone terribly wrong. But what do you think: are you going to be trying out this recipe for yourself?

--via GeeksAreSexy

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Yes, Will, it is sweet and fatty, but very, very good. Not something I would have every day but if you're going to make butterbeer, make butterbeer! That's my motto, anyway.

240 degrees F gets the sugar just to a soft ball stage and a lovely caramelization. It's perfect. You probably won't want to go over 240, though.

However, if you are a brave soul and really craving the real, real thing; here is the recipe for Buttered Beere from 1588, which is more like spiced/mulled eggnog with a hoppy aftertaste:

Or, if you aren't quite that brave, here are two more recipes from 1664:

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Wow, 240 degrees is going to make it awfully thick... Will it really blend with the soda later? Seems worth a shot if only I had a bottle of scotch.
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Will, if you've got problems drinking hot chocolate you'll have problems drinking butterbeer. They're equally as sweet, but if you want to try and make it healthier: try and find a cream soda made with real sugar instead of HFCS. (I would suggest diet soda but I find diet sodas to be sweeter tasting than the non diet counterparts.) Also, you could get a butterscotch flavoring and add it to light whipped cream. You'd have to find a good flavoring that doesn't taste weird though.
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Jason, that sounds awfully sweet and fatty.

There has got to be a lower-cal/fat version that still has good flavor.

Putting equal parts cream soda and that mix sounds so sweet it's disgusting; and potentially damaging to your health.
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