Artist Paints with His Tongue

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Ani K. was inspired by the story of a man who painted with his foot to find a way of painting well with some other appendage. He tried using his nose, but discovered that another artist was already doing that. No one, however, was painting with his tongue.

At first, the oil paints gave Ani headaches and nausea. But he bravely pressed on and can now finish a large painting in three days.


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As an art student I have to say that I have consumed all sorts of nasty chemicals over the years. Although, he really should have done this with acrylics...
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Forgive me, but all I can think is: thank the gods he stopped at his tongue.

I thought at first he had lost his hands in some terrible accident. But, no. He's just trying to be different.

Normally I applaud different, but this seems ... well, childish.
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Even with acrylics, many paint pigments are toxic. This 'artist' is an idiot, a nutjob or both.

P.S. There is nothing 'brave' about continuing to do an activity which has made you ill and is poisoning you... That goes for heavy drinking as well!
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Aside from being a lame idea to begin with, most pigments are NOT tested for long-term toxicity, and even the so-called non-toxic pigments are awarded that sketchy distinction with the understanding that it only applies to pigments being used in a safe manner. Worst of all, pigments, combined, create countless new compounds, virtually none of which have ever been tested for toxicity.

Golden Paints won't even label things non-toxic that they are legally allowed to label non-toxic, as they are aware that these "non-toxic" claims aren't truly verified, and such labeling could lead to a dangerous ignorance on the part of the consumer.
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