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A Vietnamese friend of mine took me to a local place where we had this.
I love good coffee and this was coffee heaven. It made me debate if I should keep sweetened condensed milk on hand for all coffee I drink.
Everybody that drinks coffee should give it a try.
BTW the ground of the coffee was pretty fine so it may be best to goto a Vietnamese restaurant first for research before trying it at home.
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"Our plane got delayed 20 minutes so we got out our instruments and played an impromptu 4 song set for the packed plane. We were right in our element..."

A captive audience forced to listen to their music is their "element"? Do they usually hit the emergency stop buttons on elevators and subways before whipping out their instruments?

I did the same thing beatboxing "Friday" on the subway to a non-captive audience and a business man told me to stop because it was the one place he was able to catch some sleep.
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"For every chart hit pounded into the public’s consciousness, 50 far superior tracks from all over the world were being played at some hard-to-find basement club."

Isn't that the ultimate hipster claim? I think everybody that has written about every music genre ever has said the exact same thing.

"The songs that you like aren't cool. The really cool songs are all the ones I've heard and you haven't."
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I used to do alot of 4wheeling and came across alot of snorkle rigs, but there is more to it to do it right (and I saw alot of fails).

The Engine fan becomes a propeller in water and can actually pull itself into the radiator, it needs to be disengaged or turned off if electric.
The battery and ignition system needs to be sealed and protected against water intrusion.
The differentials and transmissions are vented and if water gets in them the fluids need to be changed ASAP, vents should be relocated higher like the snorkle.
Wheel bearings need to be repacked soon because the water mixes with the grease.
And modern vehicles with electronic ECUs need to be sealed.

If you just add a snorkle and think you can now go anywhere there is a good chance you'll break down a few hundred feet after the water crossing.
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I was actually in competition with this artist for my own art installation. But my proposal of "Spend the $10 million dollars to pay 250 teachers to inspire children" was rejected because they said "It doesn't make as cool a youtube video."
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I've done something similar but it was because the waitress was shit and the restaurant would be better without her. They lost my business,I refuse to go back; if they get replace the crap wait-staff they might save a customer later.
My tip was zero and in the line I wrote "Fire Lindsay" hoping that the manager sees the receipts; I'm not going to encourage bad behavior because it's a "custom" to tip. Likewise I'll tip 25% or more for good service.
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I don't know if snob is the right word but I notice that urban cyclists make the most noise about motorist laws to protect cyclists but are also the most willing to break those same laws for convenience.

I think everybody has been stopped at a red light with no cross traffic only to see a cyclist come up on the shoulder, look both ways, and cross anyway.
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Cool but I don't think it's practical. Sometimes simple cheap and dependable beat fanciful and automatic.
Folding Umbrella strollers are small, lightweight, and cheap.
Last thing I want to worry about is if I charged my stoller only to get to the store and find I've got a heavy inert lump of plastic surrounded by screaming kids.
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They need to bring back the SevenUp, 7 separate candybars in one package.

I wonder how accurate the pictures are because it looks like they used to have more "filling" and less chocolate. Shorter and fatter too.
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"I have never heard of this film..."
What! **My head asplodes** How deep was the cave you grew up in that you didn't see something that's "So Bad"?

I remember siting through this entire piece of garbage just so I could get a glimpse of the new Super Mario Bros 3. That alone made every minute worth it.

And I think Haley and Andy from the Goonies are why I have a soft spot for redheads.
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