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if this was any other performer, might be interested, but I despise that narcissistic grandstanding mess so very much, wish she would choke on caustic ash.
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once, laying on my back in the dunes near the lighthouse, i counted nine distinct layers of clouds, each with its own texture and motion, weaving past each other, finally clearing to a cloudless star-crammed sky.
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growing up, i was always called weird, and it hurt. then in college English, i learned that it came from an older word which meant "possessed of unusual life force", in the sense of magical, and then it became a badge of honor. after that, anyone who called me that, I just smiled and said thanks. and to the tranny defenders, god, lighten up. you perpetuate your victim consciousness with all this grandstanding, and only externalizificate the group from which you get the bulk of your identity even further.
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congratulations David, in the time it would have taken you to make ten simple effective posters that would have helped your co-worker find her cat, you instead wrote several smarmy smug emails, and wasted your time making a bunch of jackass posters you knew she couldn't use, and alerted much of the internet to what a steaming cock you are. well played, jerkoff.
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boing boing SUCKS now!! I won't even go there anymore I hate their stupid redesign so much. Xeni is such an annoying person, and the redesign just pushed me over the edge.
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that looping video, cute gimmick, but GOD what boring derivative cliche music. looks like he's making good money peddling his fluff though, nice studio.
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art schools require teachers to have masters degrees, so they tend to make and teach the kind of art that is heavy with pretentious text and self-conscious bullshit, total circle jerk. most art made these days is bloodless and leaves me cold. these horses may not be the most conceptually advanced things ever, but so what? if it makes you pause, and gives you an ahhhh, then why not?
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most East Village residents, well, back before that exclusively meant yuppie, refer to the riots there as the Tompkins Square Police Riot. they were so incredibly out of hand, really outrageous...badges covered with black tape, and beating everything that moved.
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