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Amazing one-man Looping Song by an Indie Musician

The description of this video says he made it all in one take- and it really makes a great song in the end. Give it a minute for the looping to kick in.

The Big Bang explained in Two Minutes

Here's a really nice concise explanation on how the big bang worked - has nice accompanying CGI that helps in the explanation.

The Sophisticated Hunting Methods of Wild Owls

Amazing, specialized hunting machines - that poor lemming never had a chance.

Pit Bull Viciously Attacks News Anchor With Love and Slobber

News anchor Randene Neill is repeatedly and savagely licked, almost to death, by a pit bull named Ginger. So much for the pit bull's nasty reputation.

Monkeys in a swimming pool

They're actually great little swimmers, and they stay underwater too.

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I love that pitbull one, that's exactly what my pits do to me. Love and kisses. I volunteered for a pit bull rescue group and the only pits that were mean were the ones that were left alone in backyards chained to stakes.

Pit Bulls get a bad rap.
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I work in a place where I meet dozens of dogs, all day, every day. All breeds, too. In 5 years I probably have been around thousands of dogs. Some things I've noticed:

The breed that is either poison-mean or frozen with fear, no in between?

The breed that picks the most fights with other dogs?

The breed that has tried to bite me the most?
Cocker Spaniel

The breeds that are generally nice, slobbery and goofy?
Boston Terrier
Pit Bull

The breed of the handful of dogs that have actually made me fear for my safety? The one I absolutely *WILL NOT* approach, and only allow to approach me if they are acting very, VERY friendly?
German Shepherd

The breed of the most vicious dog I've ever seen at my job?
Maltese (I've nicknamed him "Satan", he tries to attack any and every dog or person he sees, he's bitten at least 5 employees, 3 customers, started who knows how many fights and has been banned from the grooming salon.)

I'll take a "dangerous" Pit Bull over a German Shepherd or "Satan" any day of the week!
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I dunno, JamesM. Those women had no control over those dogs. If either of those dogs "snapped", I get the feeling neither woman would have been able to do much about it.
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