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I agree with Donnie, the first thing I thought was, "What a tacky piece of garbage!" I think this would go great next to the toilet I put in the front yard and planted flowers in! ;)
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Not to be a bastard, but this post seems really out of sync with the rest of neatorama. I mean, ya it's great that you're a fanboy of The Office (along with many others) and all, but I think that belongs on a fansite or wikipedia. I've been reading neatorama for a long time, and I've always thought that it was more for learning or finding about universally interesting things.

Am I the only one who thinks that?
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The 21 to buy alcohol is ridiculous to begin with. America is one of the only countries in the world that regulates alcohol so tightly. In most countries, as long as you are of relative age, they sell it to you.

The reason the law exists is for two reasons:

1. To Tax those that don't abide by the rules, forcing them to pay fines through tickets, e.g. Minor in possessions.

2. To keep people subdued because they grow up knowing that the government and law enforcement keeps such close tabs on everything. The earlier you learn to follow the rules, the better fat dumb American you will make.

If the government can keep the fear in you, then you won't fight back. Simple as that. Do you really think that the difference of 21 to 18 makes that big of a difference? No, it doesn't. I sound like a real conspiracy theorist right now, which I'm not, but it's true - the American government is a government of scare tactics. Should send this old guy to Gitmo for Christ's sake!
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I caught some mice in those sticky traps the other day at my house and experimented on them. They didn't seem to mind and I don't think they even had schizophrenia!
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