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No mention of the Popeye Vs. Bluto for Olive Oyl. The way Bluto tries to capture her when she so obviously doesn't want him. What is going to do with her if he gets her?
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Once a bully, always a bully. How does that old con-artist saying go? Like taking candy from a baby? If you don't have the cajones to talk to grownups, pick on the kids.
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In the mid 90's Philips made a light bulb that turned itself off after 30 minutes. At 29 minutes it would flash a couple of times, then a minute later turn off. It was perfect for me since I always fall asleep while reading. Before this bulb, my lamp would be on all night. I bought as many as I could when it seemed as though they were getting scare, but that was only 3. and my last one burned out in April of this year.
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So little information is supplied in these "mysteries", that any solution would suffice. The crystal could be tucked into any dish of leftovers, put into the sideboard, taken from the room while Agatha & Luther were in the kitchen, hidden in a potted plant.
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