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All the elderly folks that I know who have fallen, have fallen face first or sideways. My Noni fell right on her face. Looked like she had been in a street brawl.
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A 1942 book written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton is the same story. A little house, out in the country, well loved and well tended. then the city got closer and closer until the little house was crammed between big buildings and abandoned and ramshackle. until saved by a descendent of the builder and moved to a new location out in the country. I loved that book growing up.
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No mention of the Popeye Vs. Bluto for Olive Oyl. The way Bluto tries to capture her when she so obviously doesn't want him. What is going to do with her if he gets her?
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That's not a growl, it's a whine. And this bun has his/her human completely trained. It's Pavlov's dog in reverse. If I whine and give a thump, I get pets. Works every time.
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I got one of these in 1966, when I was 6 yrs old. After quickly baking all the included little packets, I taught myself to use a regular cake or brownie mix and divide the mix and add-ins, like water and eggs, so as to make little cakes in my Easy Bake as desired. One box of regular mix could last weeks. Taught me baking skills, math, and how to improvise. I still love baking
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Once a bully, always a bully. How does that old con-artist saying go? Like taking candy from a baby? If you don't have the cajones to talk to grownups, pick on the kids.
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Like there's no poop and other messes with children? When I tell my dogs to go lie down, they do. When I lock them outside for several hours, no one calls CPS. Crate training? Try that with a kid.
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None of these three people are imaginary! They're all out of this world.
I've seen Patrick Stewart's solo stage performance of A Christmas Carol twice. Excellent.
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Many a pot pie is ruined by peas. Peas add nothing tasty and are just a nod to "healthy" food and add color to an otherwise monochromatic dish. Please. If you are eating a pot pie you want warm, tasty comfort food. Do not try to force vegetables on us by mixing them in with the creamy gravy.
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