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On other message boards a few Aussies weren't exactly happy about this apology, considering that the dire situations facing Aboriginies today, poverty, alcoholism, etc., is of their 'own doing.' They feel that this apology won't do anything to improve their conditions, and things of that nature. It just seems so forced and quick, as even the opening line of "reversed course" alludes to.
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Cool! At least it's not yet another musical reproduction of super mario brothers, on common household items rescued from the salvation army dumpster, part eighteen. Very talented.
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I don't know how it would make eating any safer in a car especially with solid foods like nuggets on the top. You still have to lift the cup and tilt your head upwards to drop the food into your mouth, an unnecessary and unsafe distraction on the road. All it takes is a millisecond and potential tragedy. I mean, it's not like you can suck a nugget through a straw.
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I was in history class as a junior, or walking into history class when the teacher broke the news (I believe she had the t.v. running). At that time it was a horrible and tragic thing.
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Actually I think this is a good concept. I personally knew two people that dated at work, and they were in the same department and work schedule. It was hot and heavy, and he broke up with her after a year or so. It was not pretty to say the least, and it really negatively affected the department. The lady was quite unwell and was prone to emotional fits and outbursts. I mean, it's not good when you start screaming uncontrollably at your co workers for no fault of their own.

So regardless of what others may think this is a good concept and an example.
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I agree, this is an amazing story I had never heard about (nor many others I bet). One of the more unique animal and war stories I've read.

This would make a great movie.
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